Group 10: Social Media Strategy


Reflection Two: Social Media Strategy Group 10

Our goals for the Physicians for Peace social media accounts focus on drawing in a larger audience which will include millennials and women over forty.

We intend to use Facebook to attract the older audience for a long-term development strategy. By creating a better dialogue between Physicians for Peace and their audience we can encourage deeper engagement and therefore commitment from their followers. Similar to an Ask Me Anything, we could invite the Facebook audience to ask questions directly to guest volunteers or other people who participate with the project. We think it would be a good idea to see all sides of the field so video interviews with the patients would also be a good idea. This would be a way to bring the field to the audience so they can somewhat experience what the patients are going through and visually see the good work that Physicians for Peace is doing.

Their Twitter would be used mainly to attract millennials who are looking for quick and light information rather than long retweets. One way to do this is to post quick facts that would draw attention and get a conversation started, but not too many posts that people start to tune it out. This is also a good platform to promote fundraising efforts and any events that may be coming up. In addition to their #teachonehealmany tag, we have come up with a few additional tags that would be helpful in getting their name out there.

Our client has many emotional images that we would focus on when using Instagram. With every post though we want to use the relevant hashtags and some brief information or quotes with the picture. Including brief information or quotes with the picture gives the individual direct insight to the meaning behind a picture. That way it’s not “just a picture”. Furthermore, a great hashtag has the potential to become a part of people’s daily updates which spreads awareness. We intend on using aspirational, catchy slogans (as hashtags) that can be easily applied to many aspects of people’s lives. Hashtags will also be used to track posts supporters are sharing. Since Instagram is bigger than Twitter, this platform is really important when trying to target a younger audience with quick, easy to digest material.

Physicians for Peace would benefit from using a cross-platform social media tool to best measure and benchmark platforms effectiveness. There are many paid and free services available for Physicians for Peach to select from such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. These popular free cross-platform social media tools are compatible with iPad apps, mobile apps and desktop applications. These branding tools are effectively paired with Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and more social networking sites. Tweetdeck, in particular, allows users to post directly from the website onto any linked social media platform. We recommend that the social media team takes advantage of a free website such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Helping Physicians for Peace manage and fully utilize all of their accounts in one central location. Saving them time to allow Physicians for Peace to efficiently and effectively reach a broader audience without distracting them from their primary health objectives.

Our overall goal for Physicians of Peace is to increase social media foot traffic. We would also like to create a more diverse support group, deepening the commitment from the forty plus year old women, appealing to younger generations by changing up their strategies for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. New tactics like recorded interviews, new hashtags, and adding to existing hashtags, we believe will foster more commitment and engagement from their followers. Attracting the attention of these different support groups on the various media platforms provide greater opportunities for fundraising and knowledge of the promotional events Physicians for Peace are hosting. The addition of a catchy slogan, which can also be included into hashtags will also help expand audiences. A mix of deep emotional posts and shorter more light hearted posts will also allow for more social media engagements. We strongly recommend the use of a cross-platform social media tool in order better manage the various platforms and still dedicating plenty of time to their healthcare work. Fine toning the processes Physicians for Peace already have in place and adding a few of our own twists to their campaign we believe will achieve the desired results.

Ongoing, Tiera will help with the fundraising project and promoting that on social media. Kishae will work alongside Tiera in fundraising efforts. Kishae will also continue to analyze each of Physicians For Peace’s social media platforms and provide suggestions. Omnia will focus on strategizing content to engage followers on our target platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Group Member Participation:
Omnia Kilany: Brainstormed/developed strategy concept ideas
Tiera Leos: Outlined essay, helped develop Facebook plans
Kishae Mitchell:Developed potential hashtag
Skylar Barnes: Developed cross-platform social media recommendation
Chelsea Crooke: Brainstorming/Conclusion
Rebeka Strange:


Looks like you have a good plan and organization. Please make another attempt to involve Rebeka as well. Thanks!