Group 13: Physicians for Peace


Katherine Hutchins, Anthony Sledge, Kaitlin Edinger, Timothy Thomas, Cassie Blanchard

Group 13 Reflection 3

Fundraising is a very instrumental part of what Physicians for Peace does. The most recent fundraising campaign they have produced was the “Saving Young Mothers Through Education”. Physicians for Peace had a goal to raise $13,500 by November 6, 9 days ago. They did not reach their goal and feel short at $4,308. That means they raised only 32% of their ultimate goal. This is definitely a problem and one which we believe they know needs to be addressed, which is why they’ve reached out to us. There are many ways to go about improving and fixing this problem, but the main is through better use of social media.
Initially, we need to get more people familiar with the Physicians for Peace brand. This means creating share-worthy content. Through Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Physicians for Peace can create content that is related to their work, but also useful to those at home, who are potential donors.
After they have created the useful information to distribute through their social media outlets, they could finish each one off with a call to action that incentivises their followers to donate. For example at the end of their blog post, “Top 5 Ways To Prevent Mosquito Bites,” there can be a section that states: “If you would like to help children and West Africa fight off mosquitos, donate to that region. Generating thoughtful content can be beneficial to get your name out there, but if there is no true call to action people will exit the site immediately after they found the information that is useful to them. A call to action should be short and to the point. Having a direct link to the donating section from within the content will help people easily contribute.
After people get to know the organization’s brand, we want them to become more immersed in what Physicians for Peace does. That is why the central component to the campaign we will be introducing will be a contest. Here, Physicians for Peace would post content on Facebook and Twitter asking supporters to create their own content for the organization. This content includes videos and photos that tell the story of how Physicians for Peace trains and supports healthcare workers in less fortunate countries. Our team believes this strategy is strong for two reasons: 1. It will create Physicians for Peace content for free, by people who truly know and love the organization. 2. It will further awareness throughout online platforms.
To further community involvement, the contest winners will be determined by Physicians for Peace friends and followers. People will be able to vote for their favorite video on twitter by retweeting the name of the person they are voting for with the hashtag of the contest name. By using Twitter as a voting source it will advertise not only the contest, but Physicians for Peace as well. Twitter followers will be able to get involved with the organization just by voting, and can easily spread the word that they have this amazing contest! By listening to your audience and engaging them in a contest it allows them to also state their opinions in real time. The voting process and the contest should generate excitement and encourage twitter users to continue to follow Physicians for Peace. In recent research, a contest for 7up using retweets and voting by hashtags increased their Twitter engagement rate by 26.6%, and helped them gain over 3,000 new followers.
The contest prize brings the campaign full circle. Those who are selected as winners will be given the chance to travel abroad and participate in the training programs and health services Physicians for Peace facilitates. Those winners, who have already been determined as impressive content-creators, will document their trips through a blog and a Youtube mini series. All of this content will then be shared through the various platforms the organization uses (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Our goal here is for those who were following the contest will continue to check in and see how the winners are doing and what their experiences with Physicians for Peace are like.
This type of up-close look at the work the organization does will give supporters an unprecedented view of how Physicians for Peace is really making a difference. In terms of fundraising, at the end of each video or blog post, a call to action prompt will be added. This way, if viewers were influenced by the peer-created content they will be able to donate their money or time to the organization.
Although Physicians for Peace fell short of their goal for the Saving Young Mothers Through Education, they we’re still able to raise funds for an important cause. By continuing to use social media to spread their brand, they will improve upon the fundraising goals that they plan to carry out. By using a contest strategy, it will get people involved through competition, while at the same time expanding the Physicians for Peace brand. All of these strategies will make people more aware of what the health workers for this important organization are responsible for. Combining all these efforts, it will encourage even more people to donate money to this organization.