Group 15: Reflection 3


This week in our group we had to outline a social media fundraising strategy for Physicians For Peace. Not only this, but we had to plan our own multimedia components for our campaign. The social media platforms we chose to go with were Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Physicians For Peace actually has a pretty well maintained Facebook page. Our group would like to recommend them to include more photos of day to days tasks because it may make viewers and donors feel closer and more involved with the organization. An example of this type of post could be posting a photo of them shipping medical materials to remote areas. They should also consider scheduling their posts; at the moment the posts don’t tend to go up at a steady rate and seem a bit irregular. If they made use of Facebook’s scheduling tool, it may make their page look more consistent.

As for Physicians For Peace’s Instagram account, it has changed recently. Their old account was not well maintained, with unfocused pictures, little interaction, and never posted on a consistent schedule. They now have a new instagram account with zero posts, however they have a bio that is accurate and explains who they are and there picture is professional looking. Some thoughts we had for changing up their instagram game would be to post on a consistent schedule, such as two to three times a week, not to much so people get annoyed, but not too little that people forget about the org. Posting videos is a fairly new feature, and we think that would really capture attention and get people involved. For our final multimedia presentation we want to make a video combining all of the people who participating in the “what would you teach” campaign. They would hold up a sign saying what they would teach, and it would be visual and verbal, we would also play music over it and edit it seamlessly. At the end we would have why the campaign is going on, what it is about, who physicians for peace, is and even our team holding signs saying what we would teach or #teachforpeace. This could be done in shortened versions on Instagram. We would love to post this onto insta. Also just one person could be featured as a post saying, “what they would teach” and then they could say another short blurb about Physicians for peace. All this could be done on Instagram, captioned to explain, and hashtags to get other audiences in on the posts.

Lastly, P4P’s Twitter account is an excellent resource for audience interaction. They actually have a significant amount of followers, are following many, and have a lot of posts. They have 1,289 followers as of right now and seem to post regularly each day. People also seem to have people tweeting at them even before we started campaigning for the class. They post pictures which is a good way to show what their doing, but we want them to take it a step further and start incorporating multimedia. We want to see them post videos so that people can connect with the people there helping. Also we would love to see our very own campaign idea and hashtag (#teachforpeace) to be incorporated to their twitter.

Erin Shindle
Hannah Bass
Kathryn Rainer
Kemal Davis
Casey Sturgill