Group 2: International Children's Heart Foundation


This week our team focused on our specific campaign idea. We also delved deeper into the work surrounding the visual changes as well as learning the tools we want to suggest to the client, International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF).

This week:
Harrietta has been in charge of the logo and banners. As a group we reviewed the examples and agreed on the changes we want to see. She will make the revisions and we will re-evaluate them next week.
Kathleen has been brainstorming ideas for Canva. She is also learning about the tool and what it could do for the client.
Alex has been researching facts to use for the graphics.
Tynesha has been collecting images to use as well as looking at Hootsuite and its features.
Danielle has been working on the strategy for the #ShowYourScar campaign, developing what it is,and how it can be used by ICHF to meet their goals.

For our foundation, we realize the importance of creating a relationship with the audience and growing the audience before asking for money. So, the epicenter of this project revolves around the #ShowYourScar campaign. With this framework in mind we see the campaign like this:
In most cases, the most significant thing left in the wake of surgery is a scar; and that scar has a story - past, present, and future. The idea behind #ShowYourScar would allow everyone to tell their story. After surgery everyone has a scar of some sort and every scar has a story, from falling off your bike to tripping on stairs and getting stitches to other surgical procedures. While ICHF would focus on the scars left in the wake of open heart surgery, the #ShowYourScar campaign would (1) be inclusive and help spread awareness about what a scar from open heart surgery means and (2) engage the audience by asking about their scar and ultimately starting a conversation. The #ShowYourScar campaign can also be used in conjunction with posts using #FlashbackFriday and #ThrowbackThursday which are also popular among the target demographic.
Our ultimate goal is to create a video explaining and introducing the campaign - if time allows.

An example of a ICHF post would look like this:
“This is Ashley, her scar is from open heart surgery at the age of 2. She had a congenital heart defect. Her surgery was performed during our first trip to Haiti. She can now run, jump, and dream big. What does your scar mean? Share Your Scar - Share Your Story - #ShareYourScar.”

With the #ShareYourScar campaign we also want to target Instagram because ICHF wants to expand into the younger age group. The best social media platform to find them is Instagram. The benefits are that these posts can easily be shared on Facebook and therefore continue to target that existing audience. These are examples of simple graphics:

Another important tool for the #ShareYourScar campaign is Canva. Canva is a free platform and offers an option for a non-profit free membership. Canva allows for the development of graphics like the one above. This tool can also be used to create graphics centered on heart surgery and mixed with the #ShareYourScar campaign message. The graphics can be mixed across platforms with different information to avoid over cross posting. In addition, to minimize unused space, the graphics are already sized for specific platforms. Logos can easily be added to the graphics. Here are some examples:

Finally, we want to incorporate Hootsuite into our #ShareYourScar campaign. Hootsuite will help with tracking information such as increases in traffic and peak traffic times. Hootsuite also now incorporates Instagram which is key to measuring success in the target demographic. Plus, there is a free option!

We believe that our suggestions for the website, changes to the social media banners and logos, and the launching of the #ShareYourScar campaign will increase the awareness of International Children’s Heart Foundation. In addition to increasing awareness, ICHF will be able to build a relationship with their audience and increase their fundraising.

Week 2 contributors:
Danielle Ferguson
Alex Montejo
Kathleen Porter
Harrietta Ward
Tynesha Weeden


Great job! Looks like you have a great plan and good teamwork in place.