Group 3: International Children's Heart Foundation


For the past two weeks we have been communicating through email and we also set up a group chat and a google doc where we can contribute our ideas. So far, communicating has been going well but hopefully this week we will be able to organize a time around our schedules and be able to meet in person to discuss in more details the steps we are going to take over the next few weeks.

This week we really wanted to focus on getting the social media strategy done for the International Children’s Heart Foundation. Social media is going to be the main part of this campaign so that is the most important and will take the most work to get done. For this strategy we split up the work based on social media platform. Carisa and Justin are focusing on Facebook, which we feel like is the most important platform at this point. We feel as if Facebook should be used as a way to inform followers about everything going on within the organization and really take advantage of being able to go into greater detail on this platform with the use of photos and other media sources. Kyle is focusing on Instagram, which we feel the photo quality is great we would just like to see ICHF create more descriptive and attention grabbing captions. Cooper has been focusing on Twitter and lastly Justin and Carisa on Pinterest. We have also started on a cross-platform strategy so that whoever is running the ICHF social media platforms they will be given ideas on how to keep all platforms consistent and share posts throughout the multiple platforms.

The next thing we are going to focus on is the fundraising strategy. After last week we had come up with a few ideas so this week we will spend time going into more details together. So far there are some cool ideas going on right now. The wear your heart t-shirts specifically are something we want to highlight by making it easier to find them throughout all of the social media platforms. Another idea that we have is to show donors where their money goes specifically, and why we need it. They know we help children receive medical care, why don’t we show them all of the supplies we ship with us or the tan-lines our doctors get around their masks in desert countries.

Lastly, we have gotten a start on what we plan to do for the multi-media campaign plan. Our multimedia campaign is #shareyourheart. Inspired from, and an extension of, a scarcely mentioned share your heart campaign partnership with chilipepperhearts. After getting started and working a lot on the social media strategy we now have a better grasp on where we want to go from here so now it should be easier for us to communicate and take the next step into week 11.

Contributors: Justin, Kyle, Cooper, Carisa


Good plan and organization. Please make another attempt to involve Shasha as well please. Thanks!