Group 5: Social Media Strategy


While watching this week’s Google Hangout we discovered that one of the biggest problems the International Children’s Heart Foundation faces is, that although they have large amount of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, only a fraction of those people are donating, volunteering, or sharing information about the foundation. While looking at the current social media of the ICHF, we noticed that it is not very interactive outside of asking for donations or purchasing t-shirts to help the cause. We believe opening a GoFundMe account to be created for the foundation is probably going to help the inflow of money. Instagram specifically is not their strongest social media outlet, something that will be our main focus for this campaign.

The goal of our campaign is to solve all of these issues for the ICHF by creating an interactive social media campaign using Instagram. As Randa Blenden has talked about the current ongoing mission trips, it will be easier to keep the foundation’s audience involved through live updates. This will let followers know what is transpiring in real time. Because the nonprofit organization carries an international and quite broad audience, we have to take into consideration the way we portray this organization. Barry Walton will determine the best types of posts to keep followers updated. The pictures and videos being posted will spark more interaction between the audiences, letting them know they are a part of the organization’s mission. In turn this will create more exposure as followers will include and share with others through their progress.

Through the ideal framework of Listening, Engagement, and Measuring, our campaign will evoke strong emotions from the foundation’s audience. Nicholas Kassebaum will take the side of listening to the foundation’s followers on Instagram through discovery and identifying relevant issues that connect with followers. Sarah Kilmon will engage in conversation on Instagram by responding to what people comment and are currently thinking. I, Bradley Castellanos, will measure and refine the organization’s success and monitor stories that relate with our supporters. Jessica Young will learn the ICHF’s audience by studying and exploring the latest trends that most interest the organization’s broad and also internationally spread out followers. By individually taking care of each specified field, the campaign will come together at the end and greatly boost the International Children’s Heart Foundation’s follower base.


Sounds like you have a good plan. Please make an attempt to involve Barry as well. Thanks!