Group 7: International Children's Heart Foundation


We’re going to have a story featuring a child each month that will get more personal and talk about the history of the child and their family. We will discuss/show the process of helping the child, and then in giving an update on how the child is doing now.This will really help ICHF connect with the audience and allow them to get personal with their donors. I remember the guest speaker talking about not knowing what to post about during periods they aren’t traveling.

This could be the research on the child and what they are going through. The process of helping the child could be documented when they can make posts on trips, and then afterwards they could give the happy ending to the story. I think there’s a certain way to use each social media platform to tie the campaign together and be successful.

I think during the periods where they aren’t doing missions is when the volunteers can post their personal stories. How working with ICHF has impacted them as people and maybe share their favorite moments about the trip. I think this would be another great way to continue the personal connection with followers and possible donors as well as volunteers. They will see how strong their passion is for ICHF and people will empathize with this.

Also with the part about telling the child’s story, we also need to have a focus on the disease itself. What exactly the congential heart defect is that the child is suffering from, statistics about it, etc. It shows the purpose and “why” behind the mission work so that audiences are aware and educated of the disease and the dangers of it, therefore maybe make it more relatable as to why helping these kids is so important. By posting facts and statistics to go along with the outline of the child’s story we could have a greater impact.

Suggestions: I think those platforms are a good starting point for this organization, and that will be where they will get their most traffic from so we should focus on those. Maybe even turning some attention to increasing the followers on the platforms they have already established. However, I do think that maybe at the end of the project we could leave a suggestion that if they would like to increase their platform usage, another good one to consider for them would be youtube. Maybe starting a channel that has videos posted from the volunteers on the mission trips that they are doing.

Questions: We would need as many images as possible. Are we going to have access to volunteers for images and stories?

Lauren – research
Victoria – research
Holden – visuals (Twitter)
Rachel – visuals (Instagram)
Ashley – visuals (Facebook)


Great job on the plan. You need to work with the images we made available in the content posts. If you have questions for the client, please post them in the FB group and we will forward them.