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Each month will feature an in-depth look at a child (and his/her family) who ICHF has helped in the past. This feature profile will discuss/show the process of helping the child, and then giving an update on how the child is doing now. It is our hope that in doing this the ICHF will better connect with its audience in addition to allowing them to get more personal with donors. This is to provide ICHF with material for social media posts during periods when the organization is not traveling.

During more dormant periods when the organization is not traveling is when volunteers can post their personal stories. For example, how working with ICHF has impacted them personally and share their favorite moments about the trip/their experience. This is another way to continue the personal connection with followers and possible donors as well as volunteers. Donors will see how strong the passion is for ICHF and audiences will most likely empathize with this. Images are also needed, thus volunteers should take as many pictures during trips as possible.

Research includes personal stories of the child and how they came to be a patient of ICHF. The process of ICHF helping the child could be documented when the organization makes posts on trips, and then afterwards they could give the happy ending to the story/the child’s successful surgery and recovery. We will use each social media platform to tie the campaign together and be successful.

A great idea we have is during the month of February (congenital heart disease awareness month) ICHF could launch a fundraising campaign. They could tie it in with Valentine’s Day and come up some sort of tag line. Ex: Donate a dollar to help fix this child’s broken heart. With a picture of one of the kids that was identified in the earlier posts. They could also reach out to local restaurants saying a portion of their sales from Valentine’s weekend or even the month of February would be donated.

Another important element to remember is focusing on the disease itself, what is a congenital heart defect, what types of defects are more common than others, which form of congenital heart defect does this particular child suffer from, statistics about the disease and so on. This shows the purpose and “why” behind ICHF’s mission so that audiences become aware and edified about the disease and the dangers of it, in the hopes that audiences understand the importance in helping these kids and donating to ICHF. The hope is that by adding facts, and statistics, (mostly on ICHF’s Twitter account) to the outline of these feature profiles, ICHF’s mission will have a greater impact on audiences.

Suggestions: If ICHF would like to increase its platform usage, another good social media platform to consider would be YouTube, maybe starting a channel that has videos posted from the volunteers on the mission trips that they are doing. We can also use the social media platform known as periscope to show a live feed during missions.

Questions: We need as many images as possible and stories that volunteers may have already collected. Are we going to have access to volunteers for images and stories?

Who is doing what?
Lauren – research
Victoria – research
Holden – visuals (Twitter)
Rachel – visuals (Instagram)
Ashley – visuals (Facebook)

Lauren, Victoria, Holden, Rachel, Ashley

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I’m glad that you are focusing on connecting with the audience. It is a great idea to provide updates about patients so that donors can see the impact of their contributions. When you are producing and organizing this content, remember to create tags that make it easy for people to follow topics. Yes, you already have access to photos. Please see the weekly posts with links. For example:

Periscope is a great tool to provide live updates.

If you have specific questions that you want to ask the organization’s volunteers, please post the general questions on Facebook and we can collect them and send them to ICHF.