Group 8 Campaign Strategy


This week was honestly a rough week as we tried to gather ideas. Only a few members of our group contributed, but fortunately with great help. Paria’s post from last week explaining the strengths and weaknesses of the International Children’s Heart Foundations’s social media made it clear already where we could make our campaign. To get us started, Paria created a Google Doc we could use to type ideas. She included this week’s goal and the outline for the entire project.

Paria had the wonderful idea of having a campaign similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Our group realized how successful this campaign was for that organization, as it brought awareness to a lesser-known disease and cause. Doing something fun and easy to do that could be shared across social media could be what the ICHF needs to promote their cause!

I suggested the idea of drawing a heart in your hand, taking a photo of it, posting it with special hashtags, and donating. The idea behind this is “giving a heart.” Similarly to how people draw a semicolon on their wrists for suicide awareness, this is something simple, easy, and thoughtful that could become an easy trend. A few group members liked this idea. Unfortunately, this is where our campaign idea currently stands.

However, we engaged in social media promotion this week which gives a good start to our campaign. Paria and Madison promoted the ICHF in their weekly Instagram and Twitter usage. Paria posted an Instagram image asking followers to text HEART to 91999 to donate to the ICHF. The organization’s Instagram coordinator liked her post as well. Madison posted to Instagram as well and received a kind reply from their Instagram coordinator. Both teammates also utilized Twitter to share and make posts about the ICHF.

Tiffany Farley
Paria Taheri
Madison Lewis


I hope your communication problems have been resolved and you have been able to develop a plan and organization for the team.