Group 8- ICHF strategy


As we move on to this next week working with the inspirational organization International Children’s Heart Foundation we have really attempted to hone in on what we want to achieve for them. In this process we have first looked at their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms in order to gauge their interaction with the public. When doing so we first realized they were not very active on these sites, yet their activity has increased dramatically in the past few weeks.

One of the great ways ICHF utilizes Facebook and Twitter is by telling stories of those that they have helped, painting the picture of all the great work they do. On their Instagram site they do this as well by posting pictures of children they have helped, yet we believe a great idea would be for them to actually go actually go into more detail about the stories of the children in these photos. We think this would be very inspiring to their followers, and help connect people to this organization on a deeper level.

We also looked at the organization’s YouTube page which is largely inactive with only one video posted so far. We believe this is also a great platform to use the act of story telling, and it would be a great strategy if they posted a story of a child they have helped every month. Like I stated earlier this could help followers have a deeper connection with the organization, and only help to spread awareness about their work.

Another idea and strategy we had in order to help this organization is by creating a campaign that is loosely based on the suicide awareness movement where users drew semicolons on their hand and posted a picture of this to social media in order to spread the word. Our idea is that users would post a picture of a heart drawn on their hand and virtually they could give a “heart” to others by tagging them. This would help spread awareness about the organization, and hopefully get people to donate. They would tag 3 users in order to challenge them to do the same thing. Campaigns like this in the past have been very successful in raising money for an organization, therefore we feel like it is a great idea for them.

All of these ideas are simple, yet we know they could make a huge difference for such an amazing organization.

Madison Lewis
Paria Taheri
Natalie Quinn
Tiffany Farely