Group One Reflection


Group 1
Danielle, Latianna, Lauren and Mecca
For the multimedia component of this project our team has decided to create an informative video or “mini-movie” to raise awareness about our organization and their efforts involving congenital heart defects. Along with the main video we will be producing to be uploaded onto our YouTube and Facebook, we will also create shorter videos to upload onto our other social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. The video will include information on the International Children’s Heart Foundation and their cause, as well as information on how to help by donating! We decided to split the components of this project into three: collecting information, collecting visuals and video editing. Danielle and Mecca will be in charge of collecting the visuals for the video, Lauren and Lisa will be in charge of collecting data and information for the video and Tianna will be in charge of editing the video together. For the first week we will focus on visual and information collection for the video and the second week we will focus on editing the video together and getting it ready to post on social media. For the fundraising; we would like young children to do a social media challenge. The participant would chant : " In order to raise money and awareness for The Children’s Heart Foundation I am doing # of “exercise”( example -15 push-ups for $15 ) I know challenge & name 5 or less people to challenge, similar to the ALS challenge that was so popular this summer. We will watch and keep track of data of number of likes, shares, retweets, and other platforms etc. As well as, how many people are continuing the challenge! Another method of fundraising would be to sell t-shirts; the design of the t-shirt is still in the preliminary stages but it would be something along the lines of a white shirt with “Have a Little Heart” on the front of it and maybe a fact about the Children’s Heart Foundation on the back of it and information about how you can donate to the cause. With the help of our fundraising efforts on and off social media, I believe our efforts to bring awareness to the foundation will be very successful. And with our fundraising efforts on social media, our challenge will bring more awareness to the cause and also raise money for the cause.