Physicians for Peace Social Media Campaign Group 12


For our group we’ve created a Facebook page which has been working great for us communication wise so far. Everyone has been able to respond in a timely matter and there has been communication on a regular basis.

Facebook- Meg Mergenmeier & Caelynn Miller-Keyes
We’ve assigned two group members to this social media platform because it is one of the largest out there with a lot of room to cover. The goal on here is to go into detail with our viewers about the campaign through pictures, links, and posts such as status updates. Facebook is a great way to connect with an audience directly through messages and comments. Likes and shares will only go so far, but having a conversation about the cause is the most important part next to gaining donations.

Instagram-Alyson Renee Beacham
As we’ve made a note of on our last reflection the pictures on the current Instagram are extremely low quality and it appears that the page has not been updated recently with any new photos. There are no captions to the posts which is also a concern because there is no way for the audience to gather what exactly is going on and thus there is no reason for them to have any interest. There needs to be a story attached to these photos of children and the physicians or something for an audience to follow and create an emotional connection to. We also have a goal of posting at least two times a week. This goes for all of the social media platforms, if they are not updated with posts frequently and relevantly they will be forgotten by the user.

Twitter- Allen Sandidge
Our strategy here is to create a hashtag for our viewers to follow such as #physiciansforpeace or #p4p. The goal for Twitter is to post multiple tweets a week. Like Instagram, Twitter is a social media platform that needs to be updated on a regular basis to hold interest. It is also useful in a similar way to Facebook as it is a good way to directly communicate with the viewers and respond directly too them.

Pinterest- Megan Craig
Similarly to Instagram, Pinterest is used mainly for visuals so whatever is posted needs to be aesthetically pleasing. This is a good place to post pictures and graphs of statistics such as how much money has been raised in x amount of time, where the money is going, how many physicians have been trained or how many children have been helped due to these donations etc etc. Essentially Pinterest is a really good way to post information and numbers in a visually engaging way. Whats nice about Pinterest too, is that the viewer can click on the post and can be redirected to a site. For this particular instance the viewer can be redirected to a donation page, the main website page, Facebook, and many other options.

Contributors- Megan Craig, Allen Sandidge, Alyson Renee Beacham, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Meg Mergenmeir


Great job. You have a good plan, structure and organization.