Team 9: Physicians For Peace ~ #P4Payitforward


Social Media Fundraising: Physicians for Peace ~ Team 9

“Pay it Forward” PfP Campaign

The concept behind a “Pay it Forward” campaign on PfP’s behalf would follow along with the same idea behind people “paying it forward” by paying for the next person in line’s meal at a restaurant. For this campaign, someone could donate on another person’s behalf and that person can then make the decision of whether to continue to “pay it forward” by donating on another person’s behalf or not. Since Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, this may be a great time to execute the campaign since many are in the giving spirit at this time of year.

The entire campaign would be executed via social media hashtag and emoji, which would not only provide an efficient way to develop the campaign on a large scale but also spread awareness. This campaign would also include multimedia components such as videos developed encompassing what people are thankful for (in relation to those who have been positively affected by PfP, why people are thankful for the organization as far as the improvement of public health, etc.) and why they want to pay it forward. These videos would also be great opportunities to spotlight donators, sponsors and key figures (celebrities, politicians, etc.) that are associated with PfP. Incorporating key figures helps build the campaign’s credibility and therefore increase campaign involvement with the public; it I commonly known that people tend to follow in the footsteps of ‘famous’ people advocating for a specific cause.

The campaign would begin with the campaign team developing an initial informative video – something short, approximately 2 minutes long so that it can adequately explain the campaign, however also keep the public’s attention long enough for them to watch the video in full and completely understand the campaign and its purpose.

Once the public is aware about the campaign, we would need to create incentive for people to donate. The donors need to know that what they are doing through donating will indeed have an impact. This step in the campaign is when those multimedia pieces would come into play (no pun intended :slight_smile: ). We would start heavily posting on all PfP social media outlets using the hashtag as well as launching the short videos of different key figures speaking on what the campaign is and why they “paid it forward” by donating on someone else’s behalf. Some hashtags we would use for the campaign would include: #PhysiciansforPeace #P4P #TeachOneHealMany. The campaign’s main key hashtag would be #P4Payitforward.

The donating itself… how it will all work –

PfP currently has a tool similar to Go Fund Me account on their website. We can use this tool as a place where donors can go to donate. Along with this tool, we would develop another tool to help the public and those getting involved visualize the amount raised through the new campaign specifically. This would be a great way to keep a live track on how much is being donated, which would be a great resource to have, both for the donors as well as those working on the campaign.

Once someone “pays it forward”, they will tweet about it through a very simple tweet template we will use:

Tweet: “My name is name and I just payed it forward emoji indicating level of donation @twitterhandleofpersonyoudonatedfor #P4Payitforward

This same template could also be used with instagram as well.


The emoji-use is to help indicate how large of a dontation was made, without actually having to explicitly say how much was donated. This is a great way to cultivate excitement, and even a sense of suspense, within and surrounding the campaign. For example, a globe emoji would indicate a donation anywhere between $1-$99, a hospital emoji $99-$499, and anything above $500 would be indicated with a heart emoji… something along these lines.

Ideally, a person would only tweet once they donate, however, even if they don’t physically donate – the tweet would increase awareness and encourage others to donate.

As far as campaign time-length, we would want to keep the campaign short in order to increase a sense of urgency among the audience.

To carry out the campaign, two group members would design the initial informative video and oversee the continuation of the campaign (sharing hashtags, etc. from all PfP outlets, scheduling footage times with key figures for multimedia pieces, etc.), three group members would be in charge of the multimedia pieces in regards to their filming and development, and one group member would be in charge of responding back to donor’s tweet and instagram posts thanking then for the donation on behalf of PfP, creating “shout-out” posts to large donors and sponsors, etc.

Campaign Developed by:

Alex Austin
Connor Pugh
Jada Carpenter
Kristina Hipolito
Many Lloyd
Victoria Edwards


This was exactly my idea in the Week 7 Discussion – ADAA, Fundraising and Social Media. You’re welcome. :sunglasses:


I’m glad that you are taking advantage of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday to reach out to potential donors. However, remember to think about how do you make the fundraising and awareness efforts sustainable. You need to go beyond the holidays. Also, based on your research, did you find some models of “paying it forward” campaigns? Think about the challenges and how you can tackle them.

I like the idea of showing videos of people who are saying why they are thankful. In addition, when developing your multimedia, consider as well showing what PfP have accomplished and highlight their impact in the communities, so that it goes beyond the “pay if forward” campaign.